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Trick for skin’s melasma

icono-fecha 20/11/16
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Josette and her “Truquitos Caseros” The skin’s melasma is something that concerns all of us. For example, I have some here, above the upper lip. It is caused by various reasons such as; hormonal changes, also that you were exposed to the sun too much, medications, but the important thing is that there are home tricks that can help you control it. It is very simple… all we need is; a ripped banana and hydrogen peroxide. The procedure is very simple; let’s peel and mash the banana and then let’s add a little hydrogen peroxide. We have one smashed banana,

Trick for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

icono-fecha 20/11/16
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One of the tricks that I’m asked for is, Josette what can I do to remove the dark circles under the eyes? It happens to many people, including me, especially if you have not slept well. But to those people that have them more prominently, it possibly is due to the circulation and I’m going to tell my truquito casero. You only need parsley and yogurt without flavor. What we’re going to do is that we are going to apply a small amount of yogurt, (let me take a teaspoon from here), in a blender, you can make a smaller

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