Trick for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

One of the tricks that I’m asked for is, Josette what can I do to remove the dark circles under the eyes? It happens to many people, including me, especially if you have not slept well. But to those people that have them more prominently, it possibly is due to the circulation and I’m going to tell my truquito casero. You only need parsley and yogurt without flavor.

What we’re going to do is that we are going to apply a small amount of yogurt, (let me take a teaspoon from here), in a blender, you can make a smaller proportion, to use on that day only, ok.

Take a little bit of yogurt and you’re going to add a little bit of parsley. Parsley is very high in vitamin D and vitamin K, which will help you a lot; then we will blend it.  This will be our magic for under the eye mask to say bye bye to those black spots. We already have everything ready and now we are blending.

Well, we have mixed it well; we have a homogeneous paste, as we can see here. And this is the magical home trick. What you’ll do is that you’ll apply a little bit of it under the eyes and will leave it for10 minutes and then you will remove with warm water.

And I’ll take it directly from the blender. Basically you apply under the eye, it feels rather rich because of the cold yogurt. You put it there, you remove it with a bit of damp paper with a little water and ready, that will help make your dark circles disappear.

¡Have a wonderful day!

You know that everything you need for your health, beauty and home you have at home.

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